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Weird Times at Walmart

So I teach at the local Saturday School, which is at the Muslim American Society (MAS) center in Urbana. Anyway, I teach second graders Arabic and we split them up based on their skills. I specifically teach three girls: Lana, Seerah, and Areen. They’re extremely adorable and cute but trying to get second graders to focus and making them repeat after you so they can pronounce the letters and words correctly really does test your patience sometimes. So, in order to get them to focus, I told them that if we finished the lesson, I would get them candy. I genuinely did not think they would be able to finish the lesson because of the fact that they get distracted so easily, but surprisingly, they did.

Fast forward a week later, and I meet with them again. Right before we’re about to start the lesson, they ask whether or not I have their candy. I, of course, completely forgot about the candy because it was a pretty stressful week of school, so buying candy was the last thing on my mind. Any…

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